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Franco Di Cesare is an Italian artist currently based in London. He creates works, which acts as an open dialogue, within the constructivist concepts of space, colour and forms assonances.

Di Cesare was an artist in residency in the Bermondsey Project Space from 2010 to 2014. He now works from his studio in the East London.

Franco Di Cesare’s work slots itself in a predicament about Constructivism:  what the artist is interested in is the fame of the assemblage related to space. What props up are creations rich in dynamism, while the apparent precision of the shapes blends in a substantial allusion. But just because of this, his paintings also end up like a vision of potential topographic reliefs, a vision from above, substantially, where things lose their hypothetical, original identity turning into ambiguity: and the fragments never lose their reciprocal connection. In short, we are presented with a work and a research which deserves all our attention and appreciation.

Roberto Vitali, art critic 1990

Materials and Juxtaposition Empty Space Installation 2020.

Contaminazioni÷ Spaziali/ Ambientali


{ not formulated thoughts} not combined\definition-finite\ Productivity, deterritorialization, territorialization.

The Production and harmonisation of the production process research in order to produce.

The base of the research is to assert the realisation, the passage, the process which goes from the concept into the real objects, to produce a work which mirrors the project.

The dialogue between geometric forms (shapes) is dynamic, alive, the material character becomes a transforming organism.

The act of exploring ,investigating, continuing experimentation, merges in the production and harmonisation of the production process and the research in order to elaborate the concepts into objects.

Glorifying colours and tools, though the composition becomes subject to alterations , each line reflects different layers of the author’s visual, aesthetic, understanding.

The synthesis, the concept of understanding, subjective inclination .

Exploring the use of the material materialises itself in a contemporary  constructivist interpretation of the installation, in an everlasting conversation  within Modernist  visual concept.

The products.

The dimensional existence.

The capacity to communicate .

The colors.

Sculptures and installations assonance with their space, are the dimensions corrupted? Empty Spaces, Contaminazioni Spazio/Ambiente, the audience is invited to enter into a new dynamic life experience.


The artwork I  produce comprising of mainly paintings and sculptural elements, which are then combined in an installation format, this to encourages and to release the overall assonance within the elements of making.

The making the act of making, to produce, is strong in my practise, I am deeply drawn to the studio practice of building itself and the aspects to develop and search technique are deeply relevant within my works, is were technique making and aesthetic are linked.

The paintings are multimedia on canvas, where geometric forms and material are combined towards contrasting assonances and tensions, throughout by use of visually stimulating materials that allude to differing texture, feel, impact, affect.

The sculptural elements tend towards the use of plaster, metal, and wood.

I am keen to employ the technique of cartonnage whereby canvas is embossed with plasters, which facilitates the building of materials to reflect my intention.


Franco Di Cesare is born in Pescara, Italy.

Between “78 and “84 Franco attended the art school  I.S.A.“N. Da Guardiagrele” in Chieti ( Italy). He was taught by Prof. Architetto G. Camillotti, “Disegno Geometrico” who instigated Franco’s interest in Constructivism,  the Prof.ssa Bellelli “Storia D’Arte” and Prof.Sergio Mezzanotte “ Arti Plastiche”

From 1991 to 1996 Franco exhibit with Centro Lavoro Arte Milano, Italy.

From 2010 to 2014 he was an artist in residence in The Bermondsey Project Space, a Bow Arts and Crisis Uk collaboration. There he also ran workshops for the Crisis UK members and worked in the Bermondsey Project Gallery.

Franco has recently featured in the Aesthetica Magazine and in the Inside Artist magazine.

Currently, in 2022, Franco has a studio in the Bow Art Icehouse Court, Abbey Road, Barking, London

IG11 7BT .


  • 8 OCT.-19 DEC. 2021

2021 Bow Open 

Bow Arts Nunnery Gallery

Bow Road E32SJ


  • 10-17 SEPT. 2020

Spazi Vuoti Empty Spaces”

Ice House Court

Abbey Road London

  • 17-19 JAN 2020


Row Labs

Norton Quays

Royal Albert Wharf E16 London

  • 10 Dec 2018 to 26 Jan 2019

“Winter Group Show”

Linden Hall Studio

32 St George’s Road, Deal
Kent, CT14 6BA

  • 6 July to 26 August 2018

 “Bow Art Open 2018”

The Nunnery Gallery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

  • 17 June to 27 August 2017

“Bow Art Open 2017”

The Nunnery Gallery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

  • 23 July to 12 August 2016

“Be kind Rewind”  Stage 3 Hackney Empire–art event exhibition,   291 Mare Street London E8 1EJ .

  • Nov-Dec 2014

“Annual Open” CGP Gallery London, Southwark Park, London SE16 2UA

  • Sep 2014

“Fin” Bermondsey Project Space, Willow Walk LondonSE1 5SF

  • Aug 2013

“Without wall” The Guardian King Place, 90 York Way King’s Cross London N1 9GU

  • Apr 2013

“Start 13” Bermondsey Project Space, Willow Walk LondonSE1 5SF

  • Feb 2012

“Se1 Open Space” Bermondsey Project Space, Willow Walk LondonSE1 5SF

  • November 2010

“The Smart Collection” Dials Club, 42 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H9LA 8-9-

  • Oct 2010

“Art for Giving” Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s Headquarters, Kings Road, London SW3 4SQ

  • May 2010

“In the City” Royal Commonwealth Club25 Northumberland Avenue London WC2N 5AP

  • Dec 2009

“Glaxo Smith Klein show” GSK house Brentford Essex

  • Jul 1995

“Anteprima 1995” Centro Lavoro Arte, Milano Italy.

  • Jun 1995

Parallele Virtuali Rifrazioni II“ Centro Lavoro Arte ,Milano Italy Jun 1994

“Parallele Virtuali Rifrazioni” Centro Lavoro Arte, Milano ( Italy )

  • Jun- Jul 1993

Anteprima 1993” “ Centro Lavoro Arte,Milano ( Italy ) “Anteprima 1992” Berry College Gallery, Georgia ( Usa )

  • Jul 1992

“Sovrapposizioni” Associazione Culturale Gabbiano , Pescara (Italy )

  • Jun- Jul 1990

“Landscape II”  along the ” XXIII Festival Due Mondi”, Spoleto ( Italy )

  • 1988

“Landscape “ Gallery Lotus, Amsterdam (Netherlands) Jun 1986

“La Sfera Esposizione “ Galleria La Sfera ,Pescara (Italy