12-3-12 Space reletions

The work is centred on extension of semi circle,using similar lights with different tonality. What I see and and what I search it ‘s the Play of light and spaces. In this particular work the texture research and the use of colors go bit over my usual palette.The tow semicircle juxtaposed instead then a full circle is more to do with the will to fragment the circles.

The main drive in the end is the search for balanced harmony between lights and forms and shapes.

The line redefine and create forms spaces working on them like a Zen machinist in search for symbolic forms .  The use of foil , silver paper, it’s not new, I used them in the late “80s  , a that time my line of work was on the abstract expressionist style,I use the chromatic effect, a mirror. from the canvas inside the canvas.

My work is to build and live spaces, to build and live dimensions .The illusion of two dimension ambient who revel itself without a definition, and the relation with the receptor, the spectator, and build a parallel dimension the one between media-spectator.

Input -output. The linear or binary between the former and the later, the subject and object.

This work is the definition of spaces , my definition at the moment to sketch this project, and the time to realize it, the “ dure’” the time in in between. In this time I mirror myself with the project. Like a mirror