10 December 2018 to 26 January 2019 Winter Group Show Linden Hall Studio 32 St George’s Road, Deal Kent, CT14 6BA

Aesthetica Magazine

www.aestheticamagazine.com/profile/franco-di-cesare Franco di Cesare feature in the Dec-Jan issue n68 of the Aesthetica Magazine artist directory as well as www.aesthetica.com online artist directory.

Franco Di Cesare

My name is Franco Di Cesare, I am a Italian artist living/working in UK. I frequented the “ Istituto Statale d’Arte” in Chieti (Italy) and Accademia Belle Arti L’Aquila. My arts practice predicates are the Futurist, Bauhaus, Constructivism. The works I produce are   the visual dynamic of geo–metric abstract compositions and the symbolic value of Read More